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February 1: Self, photoshopped #3Self, photoshopped #4

I’ve been wearing contacts for ages. When I’m not wearing them and want to see [which isn’t as often as you might think, my eyesight isn’t too bad on its own], I use the c. 1999 dotcom black pair. Someone mentioned the $8 glasses at Zenni Optical and after my last checkup, I decided to order a pair for utilitarian purposes. They were $19.95 or $23.95 or something and under $30 with shipping and took a week or two to get here. It was a good excuse to fool around with some photoshop filters anyway and I might choose a new icon. Maybe. I don’t know if I’m ready to go back to glasses-Gwen on the Internet. But I do look pretty smart, huh. [Do NOT zoom in unless you want to be thoroughly grossed out by my flaky, crepey dry skin. Stupid winter.]

Self, photoshopped #1

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