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Recommended: Sea Glass Designs

Rita in Nova Scotia has the best luck in her sea glass-hunting excursions -- check out these lovelies ... ... which she turns into the most exquisite statement pieces. Have you ever seen such a big piece of red sea…

Produce or produce?

Three more bits of sea glass. Are you sick of it yet? How was your weekend?

More sea glass

What to do with all this sea glass? I thought I'd be able to drill it but the video tutorials I've watched feature some fancy machinery I do not possess. I tried a wire wrap but that's going to take…

Date day in Hayward, the walk

Last week we had a date day and went for a walk along a path in a park along the San Francisco Bay in Hayward, California, a bit south of where we live. We were in search of a sea…

Date Day: sea glass beach

The best thing I spotted on our date day at the sea glass beach in Hayward last week was an intact green bottle stopper. p.s hi Paul, I found your dishes from when you were a boy!

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