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What to do with all this sea glass? I thought I’d be able to drill it but the video tutorials I’ve watched feature some fancy machinery I do not possess. I tried a wire wrap but that’s going to take a lot more practice before it’s presentable, and I’m not sure how I feel about so much of the glass being covered up anyway. I do like the sea glass chandelier I saw on flickr, but I’m a ways from having enough glass to start thinking about that. I think for now I will just admire it. Maybe I’ll pile some up in the sunnier windows of our home.

Purple sea glass

Sea pottery

April 12: Texture-y sea glass

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  1. try epoxy glue watch out for the fumes,open window a little, on the other hand drilling is best you’ll have to use your imagination or better known as creative thinking it does work.
    Sea glass is drill able as long as you control it from flopping about inside the jig,can control with duct tape,or clamp with another piece of wood.It is like being a jeweler.

  2. if you want to glass you new confidence along with creativity.So start drilling.and do what eveyone else is doing and not complain about it.Believe me it is fun., and refreshing for the soul.

  3. Ciao Gwen!
    I’m obsessed by sea glass and sea pottery! When I was still a student I used to spend several months of the year on a seside town here in Italy and I collected so many (together with many other “sea treasures” such as shells obviously and wood…).
    You could also frame your collections and hang them… They are so beautiful as they are…

    Ciao! (And I love your photos on flickr!)

  4. Wonderful pieces! Great link too. I’ve been collecting for a while now but haven’t done anything with my treasure other than put them in vases to catch the light. I’ve been thinking about a chandelier, but on a much grander (read impossible) scale. Thanks for the great post.

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