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man, I love this guy’s photos. he has the most amazing succulent collection ever.

Project #2 in my painting class is a flower. Must stretch to 3 edges of the canvas, have two complementary [is that redundant?] colors and he said we should blend but i really like this one and i’m taking the class pass/fail and i don’t really care anyway. i blended plenty on my butterfly.

Huernia sp. by f. arias

also this one, though the idea of trying to paint all that fine hairy stuff gives me the willies.

Matelea cyclophylla by f. arias

I also like these though I might be a stretch to call them flowers.

Conophytum vanzylii by f. arias

Trichocaulon pictum by f. arias

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  1. Hi Gwen!

    These are beautiful pics. The green ball looking flower rubs me the wrong way. Like I’m waiting for it to say something to me.

  2. and what do you think it might say?
    I just liked that one because it looks pretty simple shape-wise and has blending and I like the colors.

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