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I’m a renter and always have a hard time getting inspired to put a lot of work into doing decorating — even though everywhere I’ve lived, it always feels kind of fleeting because there isn’t the kind of commitment that you have with owning — we can pack up and move with just 30 days notice and then you have to start over.

Which is silly because everywhere I’ve lived, I’ve stayed for ages. And so what anyway! Half the reward is making something sweet and admiring it, who cares if it might end up being something left behind or changed. Life is too short! So I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for bits and pieces that I like to give me a little kickstart and am going to start sharing them.

Put this on while you’re admiring: Best Coast Should Be Your Sound of Summer. [And check out the whole Citizen Insane mp3 blog while you’re at it, it is full of sunny, poppy, fun summer music, which is my favorite kind. You can stream the whole playlist here.]

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Belinda’s March interior styling challenge at the happy home blog:

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Button Monday! with Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

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What are some of your home inspirations?

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  1. I’ve been loving Best Coast lately too! As for home inspirations…I spent many years renting white-walled apartments so once I got into my house I became all about BOLD COLOR. Painted the living room bright green. The kitchen is an orange (that I might re-do because it’s too pale, I want it to be more tangerine-y), my lady cave is sugar plum that is sort of purplish-pink. My furniture is a strange hodge-podge of hand me downs from my grandmothers mixed with mid-century modern pieces I’ve picked up.

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