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listening: The Mary Onettes [new album out soon!] watching: The Doves on BBC [new album out soon!!! finally!!!!!] going: to find the sea glass in Hayward [who knew?] reading: Month of the Rosary
asking: the question in the second paragraph.

Sierra 10¢

omg i *just* got home. went for café and crafting and chit-chat with j. at 11 a.m. [the patio had sun that kept moving but it was tolerable with a jacket]. i had a creamy vanilla coffee and the tartina and a French macaroon, which is not at all like a macaroon, but rather two meringues with icing inside. i had the chocolate orange, i had one there yesterday, too, they are SO GOOD. then she had to go and i met up with the other j. and headed down to the thrift store and it was suddenly 5 o’clock. we sat on her balcony and watched the clouds turn pink and i finally got home, 7 p.m. so super excellent day all around but i didn’t get anything done. which means i didn’t get any work done, though i did get a bunch of sweaters that i like so i can get rid of the sweaters i don’t like, and that’s something done, right.

i think i am going to be dorothy for halloween, i have this blue gingham apron i got last summer and the perfect small, aged picnic basket i found on the sidewalk recently and i bought a big container of red glitter — i think maybe i can mod podge it onto shoes? anyone? any idea if this will work or if there is a better adhesive? This to That does not have a glitter [metal? glass? plastic?] to pleather shoes [rubber? plastic?] option.

i am chugging ahead on jewelry, this week is pendant danglies on ribbon. very cute and romantic. i talked to julie yesterday about pricing and it sounds like i can charge a little more than i’d thought so that’s a nice surprise. she liked everything i showed her and one of the baristas came over to ooh and ahh, too, which made me feel good. i keep worrying not only will no one want anything but they will loudly say how ridiculous and ugly it is as they’re walking away.

that’s november 13, probably starting at 6 or 7 p.m. brian’s giant retro matchbook cover paintings show is opening there that night, too, and i think they’re still doing the second Friday thing in Alameda and Jingletown so you can make an evening of it.

i leave you with a trivium [just one! i have more but you’ll have to wait!] from the 2010 Trivia calendar that I proofed the other day:

Pistachios are considered flammable solids because they tend to heat spontaneously when stored in large amounts, and can burst into flames under pressure.

and a quote from the 2010 Zen calendar:

When you go to the kitchen to prepare dinner, be born in the kitchen. When you finish there, die. Then be born at the dining table as you eat your dinner and, when you finish eating, die there. Be born in the garden, and sweep with your broom. When you get into bed at night, die there. And when you awaken at daylight, be born anew.
—Soko Morinaga

i would kind of like to beat that into Chad’s head, he has a hard time reveling in the now.

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