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Reading: One Simple Tip to Help You Start Your Day in a Better Way
Listening: Baby, have a ball mix

It’s cold again. It wasn’t supposed to be, but we had another record-matching low [set in 1970!] last night and the sun hasn’t come out to warm it back up.

So the mug meme seems appropriate. This is the one that got away, I have never seen anything quite so ugly yet endearing.

Also sorry I didn't get this

Ole’s Waffle Shop is our favorite breakfast joint here in Alameda, they have some pretty tasty coffee for an oldschool diner and the fluffiest pancakes around.

D'arby, hand, Ole's bending-over-backwards chef

Mama Buzz Cafe in Oakland is a great place to hang out, there’s a patio and art up in the side gallery and an ever-expanding menu.


For a little extra sugar rush, the beignets at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans.

Coffee & beignet #2

But of course.

And, as a special bonus if you made it this far, Peet’s has a coupon up, good for 2 drinks for the price of 1 through Sunday, October 11.

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