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Do they still call this Indian Corn?

Listening: Aeroplane’s October Chart Mix
Looking: California Vernacular
Reading: Finders, Keepers, Chroniclers
Watching: Video of my old home, now for rent at far more than I could afford
Wishing I Was 20 Again: Don’t Sleep on Africa, because how hot is this?

And how cute is this kid? Seriously. He reminds me of that photo of the little girl with the bandana shrieking at a cow. Just unearthly delighted.


Students show their excitement at meeting President Barack Obama during his visit to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Charter School in New Orleans, La., Oct. 15, 2009. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

For loolica, what is going on on my street today:

I can see the occasional person biking by behind me in the reflection on my computer! [I work at home, in the front room, with my back to the windows.] Also, there has been this some-kind-of-industrial truck that first showed up very early this morning and was idling so loudly it woke me up and then it left for awhile then came back. It’s gone again, hopefully for the day. The people with the ridiculously out-of-place giant house across and a couple doors down tore down the house next to theirs and are building — probably a matching behemoth, I don’t know.

Our loud neighbor was standing on her stoop talking on the phone for awhile. She is by far the loudest person I’ve ever known, almost every morning she is yelling at the kids and sometimes just talking but she is so loud that you can hear her even when both the windows in our respective houses are shut tight and I am dead asleep. She wakes me up pretty much every Sunday.

There are a couple guys shooting the shit in Spanish, I can’t tell if they’re right out front or down at the new-house site. Must be lunchtime, either way, I am hungry.

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