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Listening: The October Bootie Top 10. I haven’t actually listened yet, but there’s always a good song or two in there.
Reading: Vanilla Bean Marshmallows. I am obviously in love with that blog.

Low-light fall leaves

This guy in [somewhere] made a giant rubber duckie and has a bunch of photos up of it in various exotic locales. My favorite one is Elst — no idea where that is, but they have some lovely summery waterways. Here. Can you imagine floating along in your little rowboat and coming across that thing? Would you not lose your mind shrieking with delight?

This week’s horoscope:

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
The average middle class person alive today has more goodies than the kings and queens of times past. In fact, even during this time of economic retrenchment, most of us have a higher standard of living than 99 percent of all the humans who’ve ever walked the planet. In pointing this out, I don’t mean to discount the suffering of those who’ve lost their jobs and homes. But I think it’s helpful to keep our collective deprivations in perspective. Similarly, I like to remember that no matter how much our personal trials may test us, they are more bearable than, say, the tribulations of the generation that lived through the Great Depression and World War II. Keep this in mind, Sagittarius. As you wander in the limbo between the end of one chapter of your life story and the beginning of the next chapter, it’ll really help to stay conscious of how blessed you are. Halloween costume suggestion: a saint tending to the needs of the dispossessed and underprivileged.

I am woefully unprepared for Halloween, maybe I should look into this.

It rained again Monday, a short but crazy burst [1.5″, according to our Island neighbors over at Casa Decrepit] that made water pour in through a tiny, heretofore-unnoticed gap at the top of our kitchen window — definitely something new and good thing Chad was sitting at the table when it started! Otherwise we might’ve had something like this video Gordon posted of the underground station over in San Francisco:


And I saw a tiny sliver of a rainbow fading away, then went for a walk down along the bay at sunset. Lovely day.

Tuesday was Day of Fun with my friend Jen, which comprised trying out the new Indian restaurant [delicious!] and thrifting [Pauline’s, which is this wild antiques shop that’s two floors packed to the rafters with all kinds of who knows what, was having 30% off and I bought some cute buttons, and acquired a couple sweaters, including one that Jen says makes me look like it’s School Picture Day, so I am really ready for fall now].

One of my drowning succulents

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