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i went to old navy because they are having a sale on jeans and i never have jeans. turns out i have dropped 3-4 pant sizes there, even though my pants at home still fit me fine. it’s really irritating to have to go back to the dressing room numerous times because they can’t cut a pair of pants. and the pants that do fit are all baggy in the crotch. all of them. fit the waist, fit the ankle, perfect length, BIG BAGGY CROTCH. they look like jodhpurs on me, completely ridiculous.

i did get some pink zipper capris like i wore in high school. they are a teeny bit baggy but the next size down fit perfectly except for having a 3″ rise that barely covered my pubes. NOT COOL, especially here on the island.

today was sunny and lovely, i finished sample board #4 [the cubes and such, it came out pretty well] in painting class and started #5. i accidentally made a pretty nice-looking waterfall. i might even take a photo of this one if i don’t completely fuck it up monday. i’m a little bit motivated to paint over the weekend.


here is something you can see if you come visit me soon:

March 21: I can has flowr?

Spring Break Parrots set

The feral San Francisco parrots are something I’ve heard about for a long time [there’s a book and a documentary] but never experienced. Wow. They gather round like pigeons, but they’re bright and raucous. They nip the cherry blossoms and drop them and go on to the next one. I don’t know what they’re going for there, maybe the juicy innards. Sometimes they’re hanging upside down doing it. They squabble like siblings, also sometimes upside down. They have hard little black tongues. They land on your head. They nibble ears. They make a lot of noise, but don’t talk.

As seen with Victoria and Pete Beck.

As seen in The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
More info about the parrots: Mark Bittner’s Parrot Pages
Other feral parrot populations

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