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Ferry Park stained glass tree

Chad’s ankle looks even more disgusting today, parts of it are near-black and the whole side of the foot is a deep ocean blue.

I went to the farmer’s market today, it was 70 out and positively spring-like. I took off my cardigan and bared my arms and it was glorious. Stopped at the super-enthusiastic lady’s consignment shop and scored a nice autumnal light sporty jacket in a dark peach [wiki says ochre]. Got groceries with D, cooked a couple times, and did more housework in general than I have in awhile. I reorganized a little bit in the kitchen, which made me feel less resentful. I found the smell[s] in the refrigerator.

Watched Horatio Hornblower with Chad and made a pair of earrings and a knotted sea-color glass necklace, which I will probably look at after I’ve become more proficient at the knotting and think it is embarrassingly amateurish. But I like it now.

I am up too late again. I don’t know why I’ve been staying up so much, I hate waking up late, especially now that the day ends so early.

I still don’t know what we are doing on Thanksgiving, but D leaves on a train tomorrow mid-day and after that we’re kind of stranded. I should have bought a just-in-case turkey breast today. It is kind of looking like Chad is not going to be up to sitting in a car for the hour-long drive to San Jose, much less driving.

I think I will take the bus across town tomorrow to go to the cafe for a bit and will walk up to the shopping center to see if there is any of that turkey left. Just in case.

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