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I think I’ve mentioned that I live near the beach and like to go over there as often as possible. The beach is part of a regional park and includes small and bigger dog parks [where I met up with some friends the other day — so many cute doggies!] and a duck pond [which is surrounded by a dozen different kinds of wildflowers right now]

Purple #1

and a big park-type park where the ground squirrels sprawl all over the grass on warm days and come right up to you if they think you might give them a treat [don’t! they’re adorable but an ecological invader — they use up all the resources that are needed by the native wildlife].

April 23: Oh hai! don't feed me!

I wore the vintage dress I bought at Blue Rectangle. It was an as-is piece and the front seam was split but I figured it was an easy repair. I had a really hard time sewing it up because the fabric is so old and worn and my stitches kept pulling right through, but I eventually got it done. I wanted to give the dress a short test run near home to make sure the seam wasn’t going to split wide open if I wear the dress on a longer day trip. Nothing cuts a day short like having your ladies exposed!

The threadbare dress

So I put the dress on, biked around the park, played with the dogs, then sat on the beach and read for an hour, and it held up just fine, which I guess means the dress is ready for a full-fledged picnic or day at the ocean.

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