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So here’s the deal. I am trying to do the 365 photos but it has been 100% cold and 90% gloomy the past couple weeks and it is about all I can do to drag myself outside for a walk at sunset, which is about the only time you can get any light, when the sun drops below the clouds for a few minutes before disappearing behind another bank of them. I am almost thinking about doing 365 sunsets but that is probably far more than I commit to.

I figured I would take this opportunity to tell you more about where I live.

January 28: Another day, another sunset

There are two places I usually do on my walks, one is I turn right at the end of my front walk and head over to the Bay Trail [which is a decades-long project to create a designated walking path around the entire bay, I remember my dad being excited about it and talking about one day, one day, when I was a kid] path that takes me down to Crab Cove, where there is a small beach, then a long beach, and a duck pond, and also a Foster’s Freeze [ice cream and fried food with c. 1970 orange-toned booths. The fries and malts are tops.]. The small beach is my favorite place, if you go at mid-day even on nice days there is a good chance you will have it to yourself.

It’s a bird refuge, too, so there are usually zillions of waders and diggers etc. this time of year. I keep forgetting to bring my zoom so you can’t see them too well in any of my photos.

Bay view window #85

The other one is turning left at the end of my walk then going up 3rd Street onto the artificial point that leads out along a marina. The northern side of this point is undeveloped and there’s a small path you can walk along. There’s a nice view of San Francisco [we’re directly across the bay] and the big ships that dock for repairs on the retired naval base. There are also several tiny beaches but I have been scared to explore them since Chad pointed out the giant cockroaches scurrying around on the rocks.

San Francisco and the Hornet

That long black thing is a breakwall, it’s lined with old falling-apart cyclone fence, there are usually a couple people out on it fishing. I walk over there sometimes, too, and don’t know why I don’t more often.

Also, note the giant bank of fog. That is when I laugh at the people who live in The City, because over here we get 15 minutes of sun while they are running around in the middle of an ugly cloud.

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