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Around the house

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Favorite pillow

10¢ from the Alameda Museum estate sale


January 2: Bublets!

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At the Alameda Antiques Fair

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January 3: Dollhead floozy

Tim and Gary picked me up this morning and after coffee, we met up with Victoria and Dusty at the Alameda Antiques Fair. It took us 10 minutes just to walk across the parking lot to the main entrance, and the fair itself stretches out across the base just bout halfway across the bay to San Francisco. It is one serious swap meet. Two hours and I didn’t come anywhere close to seeing everything. I wish you had been there, you would have gone nuts.

Reds are hard to match
Self, mirror vaseInstant ancestors $1 each
Steampunk express
The one where she said, "You're not allowed to take pictures here!" and scowled at me.

I scored some Murano glass carrot beads and a tie pin with a G on it and some old watch faces that I think I’m going to put on a bracelet. The photo of the beads up there caused some lunatic vendor to scowl at me [“you’re not allowed to take pictures here!”]. Regret of the day: I wish I had bought the entire box of these doll charms but they were $1 each and I don’t really have a use for them. I would just like to have them to look at once in awhile.


You can view more photos from the fair here.

Afterward we met Donna and D at La Piñata and gorged ourselves, sat comatose at the cafe, then came back and discussed politics with Chad for far too long. Tired now.

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The lonely little sewing box

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I was so happy to find this thing at an estate sale three years ago but then I never made good use of it — those zines have been sitting there since shortly after I bought it. One of the girls from my craft group’s taking it off my hands and I get to reclaim a little bit more space.

sewing box, detail

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Little Journeys Abroad By Mary Bowers Warren; Diseases of the Testicle By – Hamilton Bailey

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5 things

1. how much this Camera Obscura album sounds like a cross between Neko Case and my favorite Everything But the Girl album.

2. Chad made phone calls today and has an appointment Thursday.

3. My rib doesn’t hurt when I don’t move mostly.

4. The glazed carrots I made for dinner were OUTSTANDING.

5. Fancy old books repurposed as blank journals. Pretty spiffy.
Available at Blue Rectangle on Park Street in Alameda.

Little Journeys Abroad By Mary Bowers Warren; Diseases of the Testicle By - Hamilton Bailey

This one’s my favorite. My birthday is December 2.

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I listed two things on Etsy. It’s my first time. We’ll see how that goes.
[And yes, I have a Barton Finkly FRESSSSSH FRUUUUUUIT!!! echoing in my head.]

In preparation for that, I took a bunch of photos of earrings I’ve made for myself over the past year and put them up on flickr. Just like I’ve been threatening I was going to do since ages ago. These are my most recent, I was going to sell them but I changed my mind and am keeping them for myself. You cannot beat green ovals and disco balls.

Product photography is HARD. Light is so fleeting…

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Button & lace pin #1

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Button & lace pin #1

I made my first lace florette last night. It was even easier than it looks. Sewing the pin on the back was the hard part, I need to practice that a bit more.

Upper right is the steampunky pin I made for the Handcar Regatta. The little red cat is one of a handful of ancient painted metal charms I acquired a couple years ago.

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Thursday browns, elephant and friends

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Lil Mr. Elephant

How cute is he???

You should definitely go to the Favors Estate Sales warehouse, they’re open monthly [just happens to be this Friday and Saturday] and it is the most fantastic collection of collections you’ve never imagined. I can’t even begin to describe it. Just trust me on this and head over there.

I acquired a couple elephants there awhile back, this is the smallest. I haven’t named him yet, but if you want to give it a shot, feel free.

Watched Streetcar Named Desire at the Alameda Theatre tonight. Chad hadn’t seen it and is worn out. Made it to gym again today, go me. Did some work. Made meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner like who was it was talking about that? Spent too much time on Facebook, most of the time I mostly ignore it but I can’t seem to the past few days. It’ll pass.

For Autumn Color Week – Thursday Browns, here are two more:

Been around the world

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