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Valentine’s Day! Treasury

Posted by on Feb 4, 2012 in St. Valentine's Day, wishlist | 1 comment

Hey, I made an etsy treasury full of hearts and Valentine-y goodies! Check it out here.

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Day 3 Necklace : Red Heart

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day 3 necklace

Buy this necklace on etsy.

Yesterday was Groundhog Day, which got me thinking about how this year is flying by and it’s almost Valentine’s Day already so I made this red-heart necklace for Day 3 of the Necklace a Day challenge.

The challenge is tougher than I thought it would be — not just finding the time to sit and make the necklace but trying to take a decent picture when the light is so bad this time of year. So today’s batch (which you can see on the etsy page) are not my finest. But that’s okay, I finished. Go, me!

Use coupon code FEBRUARY12 for 15% off anything in my shop through the month.

I’m making a necklace a day through February. See all my daily necklaces here. Then stop by to visit per:cent blog, who’s doing it, too.

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Be mine?

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This is my favorite, it is part of the display at Ole’s Waffle Shop here in Alameda, which is the most perfectly oldschoolest diner around. I highly recommend the pancakes and bacon and hashed browns and sitting at the counter and grabbing a box of crayons so you can have drawing contests on your paper placemats while you wait for your order.

Remember Me

Happy St. Valentine’s Day.

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all the world will smile for me

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10 I Love MyselfTree, Karen + Jay / Art is evil
To My Valentine

1. daughter heart 2. musee mechanique heart 3. karen + jay heart 4. antiques fair heart

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Amour avec le SPARKLE
Draw back your bowGwen, House of Blues

1. avec SPARKLE!! at daisy’s 2. the calm before the storm 3. nola heart

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Are you ready?

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Caution: heart
My life, my love, m'lady!HeARTflow by Mari Upton
Unchain my heart

1. west oakland heart 2. community garden sailor art 3. heart art 4. tree heart

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