by gwen harlow

Gwen and Chad, Asilomar

Posted by on Jun 6, 2010 in gwen, photo, travel | 5 comments

Pretty much any time we go anywhere scenic, at least one person will ask me to take their picture. I take very nice pictures of them. Every once in awhile I will ask someone to take our picture. I say, push the button halfway to focus, then all the way to shoot. I only ask people who are carrying their own cameras and I am pretty sure this is how most digital cameras work, right?

Yet almost invariably, we end up with a completely out of focus, crooked, feet-chopped-off photo. So you can imagine how pleased I was when today’s shooter returned my camera to me. Look at that. Nicely composed with our whole bodies in, heads above the horizon [which, you’ll notice, is not at a 45° angle!]. Thanks, lady stranger, you totally made my day!

June 6: Asilomar

[Asilomar State Beach, Pacific Grove, California]


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  1. Sharyn

    Nice! That’s good thinking on your part, and it paid off with this photo. I almost never think to have myself included in photos, which I am now kicking myself for. So many photos of my son over the years – vacation and otherwise – and I’m hardly in any of them! And the boyfriend and I only have a couple shots of us together. That’s a trickier proposition though, given that he’s a foot and a half taller than I am.

  2. alexandria

    This calls for a serious congratulations! It’s so crazy how some can’t take a simple snapshot at times. Wonderful photo!

  3. Valerie

    yep it is one damn good picture !!
    i’m always behind the camera, so no pic of me. maybe once a year ?!
    i love your dress !!

  4. gwen

    Thank you everyone :]

    If anyone’s interested, the dress is from Target
    It’s exceptional in that it is relatively sturdy and has an elastic back so I can wear it without a bra.

  5. Rita

    This is a great photo! I agree with Sharyn, as the person usually taking the photos, I’m never in them, which isn’t an issue now, but I’m sure when I’m 80 and wrinkled I’ll wish I could remember what I looked like. Maybe 🙂 And yes, great dress.

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