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Foodie Thursday!

Posted by on Jun 3, 2010 in recipe | 3 comments

Some recipes I like that I was telling J. about at coffee yesterday:

Zucchini Crab Cakes. These are super delicious and EASY and healthy except for being fried, but that just makes them that much more tasty. Serve with Creole-style remoulade [there are a million ways to make this; I mix catsup, mayo, seedy mustard, cayenne, and whatever else to taste].

Beer pizza dough. Chad makes this once a week, he rolls out two doughs and we put our own toppings on. Mine usually has some or all of the following: pesto, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, fresh mozz, parmesan, prosciutto, garlic, olives, oregano and basil, red pepper flakes, whatever else is around. Here are some photos from Tuesday’s batch. Do not view on an empty stomach.

Pizza #1: Just the doughPizza #2: Oven ready

Pizza #3: Ready for me belly!Pizza #4: Chad's


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  1. abby

    both of these recipes sound really amazing-but i am intrigued by the pizza dough.
    i must try, thanks!

  2. Valerie

    oh God this is sooooo tempting !
    I hate that I HAVE TO be gluten-free !

  3. gwen

    Hey Valerie,
    A friend of mine is always recommending King Arthur’s gluten-free flour & recipes, here’s one for a gluten-free pizza dough:

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