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Speckled Egg Petite Inspiration Box Swap — Nesting Edition

Posted by on Apr 8, 2010 in craft, photo | 1 comment

I just participated in my first swap, and when I received two of my three co-swapees boxes, I was kind of surprised that they both had picked out bird themes — what a coincidence!

From Lonnie:

Lonnie's swap box

From Maggie:

Maggie's swap box

From Cari:

Cari's swap box

The stuff inside the boxes is at least as wonderful as the outsides.

But then I went back to the Speckled Egg Petite Inspiration Box Swap — Nesting Edition page and read the instructions and that is the thing. I thought “nesting” like in “domesticity”. Which is kind of silly because if you go look, there is a GIANT BIRD at the top of the page and it’s spelled out pretty clearly. So I totally failed my first swap.

I feel both guilty and amused. I like how my boxes came out anyway.

Swap nightie

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  1. Kirsty

    Oh dear…but I’m sure your swap partners won’t mind, your offering looks lovely.

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