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The week in review, how’s yours?

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How was your weekend?

My last week has been:

Coffee & craft with J. at the café, then Chad and I came back that evening for Tuesday Night Music Club — The Harkenbacks, who do old-timey americana, were there for the first time since last year. They’re one of my favorite bands around — the singer has such a true voice, just so beautiful and warm. You can check them out here.

If you are around this coming Tuesday evening, you should totally swing by Julie’s for Four Shillings Short. We caught them a couple months ago and I can’t even begin to describe them except to say they are Seriously. Come hang out.

Roman Holiday at the Alameda Theatre on Wednesday — they do a weekly classic movie on Wednesday-Thursday and we go pretty regularly. I’d never seen this one. WOW. I never really got Audrey Hepburn before — I mean, she’s pretty great, I just don’t feel the unadulterated adoration some folks seem to — but she is a straight-up pixie in this, as charming as Amélie. If you haven’t seen it, you really should. Gregory Peck’s a total hottie, too.

Craft night at Julie’s, then my sister arrived on her bike and we went to Juanita’s.

I don’t remember what-all except Chad DJed and I stayed home and made jewelry [I try to go out and support him but LORD it can get boring hanging out for 7 hours while your boyfriend is up on top of a pool table totally concentrating on his music]. I caught up on some TV — the best part of the Jim and Pam baby episode was Jim diapering the cat. That made me giggle something fierce. PARKOUR!

Chad and I went to the Farmer’s market, got some challah and I picked up the movie passes I won from a recent market raffle. Then we sat on the sidewalk at the café, where I had a lovely americano and my first almond croissant in decades. Seriously. I worked cafés a long time ago and got completely disgusted with croissants in general, almonds in particular. I don’t know what moved me to try one again yesterday but I am glad I did because it was delicious. Sitting on the sidewalk in the sun talking about who-all-knows-what with my handsome boyfriend picking at a croissant felt very cosmopolitan. Oh la la!

Last night was the big Alameda Idol final competition. Chad sang “Night and Day”, which I have been thinking was just — not big enough for a contest. Not enough bang at the end. But he got up there and blew the roof off the sucker. It was gorgeous and he was just dreamy singing it, he wandered around working the crowd, came over and kissed me, then gladhanded the old ladies in the corner, their eyes lit up like schoolgirls’. He got best male, and my friend Jen, who has the pipes of a barge [e.g. they are HUGE], got best female and best overall for her rendition of Björk’s “Oh So Quiet” and girlfriend CRIED. It was really sweet.


Gary and Tim and I stopped by Wescafé and I had another almond croissant. We went to the Alameda Antiques Fair and saw all kinds of things.The main reason I wanted to go was the guy with the insanely huge space and all the super-organized boxes of everything you can imagine — I wanted to get more of the watch faces he has that I used on this necklace for other projects.

January 6: What o'clock

But he was not there. I did, however, score a box of vintage necklaces, some with those bumpy old beads [they look sugared, I don’t know what they’re called] I’ve been looking for. What’s funny is I thought it was a box of broken pieces but when I got home and cracked the box open, it turned out to be full necklaces, working clasps and all. I’m still probably going to take most of them apart but there are a couple I’ll probably keep for myself. I’m wearing one now.

I also got a glass palette that I can use in class.

And I am slightly sunburnt and very sleepy.

Get up on time and go work out! I mean it, Gwen!

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To infinity…and beyond!

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January 1: New Year's kiss #10

This was our 10th new year’s kiss. Our 11th new year’s eve together [in 2000, we weren’t together yet but spent it on IRC together waiting for the world to collapse into itself]. This New Year’s Eve, Chad made pad see-yew for dinner and we ate late, got dressed up and rushed over to the base just in time to watch the San Francisco fireworks. There was some swing band on the radio and they were counting down just as we pulled up to the edge of the bay. We kissed and lit our sparklers and held hands and oohed and ahhed. It was especially clear and breezy and the fireworks were the most spectacular I’ve seen — this slideshow was more or less our view. I don’t know about you, but I have seen so many fireworks at this point that sometimes, I’ll admit it, my attention wanders. I could not take my eyes off these ones.

After the fireworks ended, we came back home and ended up not going back out, we sat at the table making lists together of what we’re going to work on in 2010, but I got tired and laid down on the couch and was *out*, I was feigning consciousness when Chad came in to read his to me but it was that dreamy Peanuts bwa-bwa-bwa talk. I had him read it again this morning, it is much more thoughtful than mine [which is all, continue learning to do this, take a class in that] and I am adopting large swaths of it as my own.

I was thinking about doing one of those decade recaps but most of what I come up with is so negative. And I am not one to dwell so.

2010. I was trying to tell Chad how unfathomably futuristic it is to me, 1999 was titillating and 2000 was charmingly novel but 2010 — it has been some far-off sci-fi date my entire life, like we would absolutely have flying cars and robot maids by now if it was ever actually going to come. Which it wasn’t because OMG SO FAR IN THE FUTURE. Yet here it is. I don’t usually feel different as years pass but there is something about this one. I don’t know how I feel exactly, but there is something palpable, things are going to change one way or another and I am not going to jinx myself so let’s leave it at that.

In lieu of recap, here is the new new year’s meme via J.
The first sentences of your past new years’ days.

2009 – i keep thinking about writing and haven’t gotten around to it.

2008 –

January 1, 2008, 00:00:01

My resolution for 2008 is to remember to focus the camera before setting the timer.

2007 – Fuck you, 2006

2006 –

Rain, new year's day

2005 [from the old rawr blog] – i went to gilman on new years, it was smaller than i remember, even though the last time i was there i was definitely grown.

2004 – If you happened to watch the 11 o’clock news Saturday night on the Bay Area’s ABC affiliate, you saw the boy.

2003 – First Kiss: the boy. New Year parties are so much better when you don’t have to worry about whose tongue you’re going to wrestle at midnight.

And that’s all I’ve got online.


Happy new year, kids. Hope 2010 treats all of us well, with more love, more joy, more experience, more accomplishment, and more kindness to each other and ourselves. xoxoxo.

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