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Pink and green

End of camellia season over at Heather's house and a little coffee at home


Fresh eggs provided by Julia of the wonderful Modern Muse's chickens.

pink! [belated for Monday]

Summer Colour Week on poppytalk Pink flower's at Lily's Café in Cambria, California. There is a whole little row of very cute shops there. Tea tree lives down the street. they're Australian natives but do wonderfully here in the Bay…

Unofficial flower week

Abby declared it unofficial flower week. Post yours, leave a link in the comments, and pass it on.


I bought myself a bunch of ranunculus the other day at the farmer's market. They're in the dining room so I see them about 80 times a day as I walk back and forth through the house, which makes me…

Think pink

1. I picked up this vintage pink number at an estate sale last year. Left it hanging off a table at the farmer's market a couple weeks ago. Went back last week, they remembered seeing it but didn't know where…

Wasting a Saturday afternoon

Yesterday was red for the end of Autumn Color Week. I also have pink. And one more from the Handcar Regatta Sunday -- I got to pet a baby lemur and it is SO SOFT AND CUTE AND HAS RUBBERY…

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