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Day 4 Necklace : Pastel rosary on gunmetal

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Day 4 Necklace

I am not the best about keeping records about my stock, so when I’m making something to sell, I sometimes have to spend some time hunting down what components are, try to estimate what I spent on it so I can figure that into the price. I can usually tell you the story of where I bought most of them.

For instance, the antique English cut pink milk glass beads on today’s rosary-style necklace? Got those at the Alameda Antiques Fair (Have you been? You really should. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find. The next one is tomorrow.) at the end of a long Sunday. I loved them but the guy wouldn’t haggle down enough and I couldn’t afford what he was charging, so I walked away. He literally chased me down five minutes later and here I am, the proud owner of a dwindling strand of these really fabulous milk glass beads. If you don’t know English cut, it’s like faceted but it’s all imperfect and kind of nubby since they’re so old and a bit rubbed down, making them soft around the edges.

For Day 4 of the Necklace a Day Challenge, I wanted to make something pastel and gunmetal because that is my favorite color combo — the grey frames the beads so they pop more. I was set on the pink and peach, and was looking for a pendant when I found this old teardrop the color of the inside of a lime. I knew where I’d bought it (the giant bead show they hold every fall in Oakland, another event you should check out) and that it was a gemstone but had to spend a little while hunting more info down for my etsy description. Here is what I learned:

Serpentine is also called New Jade even though it is not a jade. It’s found pretty much everywhere and is also used in brake lining and fireproof fabrics. If you’re a Scorpio or Gemini, or down with Saturn, this is the rock for you. It’s a protective gemstone associated with the heart and activates the kundalini while protecting you against snakes (!), diabetes, PMS, and anxiety.

I don’t know how much, if any, of that is true, but you cannot go wrong wearing a calming anti-snake talisman that you can use to fix your car in a pinch.

Plus it’s a really pretty piece for spring to go with all those soft antique-y neutrals you’re wearing.

Special shout-out to Julie’s Coffee & Tea Garden, where I made the Day 4 necklace. Julie’s is the best place in the world to sit around with your #1 americano and pile of beads being super productive with no distractions at all in a gorgeous, cozy setting.

Use coupon code FEBRUARY12 for 15% off anything in my shop through the month.

I’m making a necklace a day through February. See all my daily necklaces here. Then stop by to visit per:cent blog, who’s doing it, too.

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Day 3 Necklace : Red Heart

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day 3 necklace

Buy this necklace on etsy.

Yesterday was Groundhog Day, which got me thinking about how this year is flying by and it’s almost Valentine’s Day already so I made this red-heart necklace for Day 3 of the Necklace a Day challenge.

The challenge is tougher than I thought it would be — not just finding the time to sit and make the necklace but trying to take a decent picture when the light is so bad this time of year. So today’s batch (which you can see on the etsy page) are not my finest. But that’s okay, I finished. Go, me!

Use coupon code FEBRUARY12 for 15% off anything in my shop through the month.

I’m making a necklace a day through February. See all my daily necklaces here. Then stop by to visit per:cent blog, who’s doing it, too.

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My creative space

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I made a couple of these vintage button necklaces awhile back and am just getting around to photographing them…the warm summery gold and cream of this one is my favorite so far.
Available at

Golden button necklace #3

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a nest but I recently sold my favorite nest necklace and it seemed like time to make another.

Little wire nest

I scored some antique chandelier crystals at an estate sale recently. They will be added to pretty, sparkly accessories soon!

Estate sale score

And here are some of the necklaces I’ve made but haven’t had the time to list yet. One of these days…

Some of the crap I need to photograph and sell

[my creative space]

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Hey, what’s up with you on this fine, rainy Saturday?

I am taking pictures with the lightbox I just made* and I swear, swear, swear I am going to post some stuff on Etsy. No, really. I have a whole rack of earrings and a box of necklaces that I have made specifically for this purpose and they just sit, and sit, and sit, and I could offset the cost of some of my many beads if I would just make that teeny effort. And some of them are really cute and if I don’t sell them, I might start wearing them and I do not need more jewelry, believe that.


The lightbox came out pretty well, though some of the edges — let’s just say I am not a pro with the craft blade. I did learn that 1. it is good to start with a fresh blade and 2. it is good to change the blade more frequently and 3. I am not nearly as good at cutting straight lines as I used to be.

I need some better bulbs because the 20W CFLs are not hitting it, but that is all we have in the house so that is what I used. I think a trip to the hardware store is in order. I could stand having some smaller clip lights, too. And I want some other colors of poster board, the blue is nice, the orange came out pretty well, and the white — bleh! Very ugly with the CFLs. Maybe I’ll try some material, too. So the craft store.

Here is my narcissus photo from the other day. No lightbox!

February 2: Narcissus on mantel

And then. With lightbox!

Narcissus again

My favorite buttons that I am probably going to hold on to til the end of time because I will never come up with something deserving enough to use them on:

February 5: Gumbo Filé & vintage buttons

Some of my brooches. I don’t know why Obama’s in there, he’s supposed to be on my camera strap. He’s from a really cool show we went to last year where this woman had painted portraits of all the presidents and had them all lined up and I had photos but I guess I never edited and posted those:

My little blowfish from Archie McPhee, which just happens to be at the bus stop when you come from the Space Needle penthouse and stop by the bead shop on the way to C+E’s house. Our little cat loves him, luckily I got two. I was thinking of making earrings with them but that didn’t really work out:


* This is the lightbox-building tutorial I used. I have some others [some of which are more permanent, one of which is an actual contained-in-vintage-suitcase lightbox-lightbox like you view slides on] bookmarked here.

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Of interest on Chad’s birthday

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1. Michael Jackson’s This Is It is rated PG for some suggestive choreography and scary images.

2. Three things I have made recently:

Día de los Muertos necklace

Gwen, fall

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