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365: DJ Chad at a Friday night art reception

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January 29: DJ Chad

Friday: Chad DJing at an art opening at He played a bunch of world/electro stuff and attracted quite a bit of attention from some older ladies. One of them slipped him her card at the end of the night. He said she made him feel uncomfortable. I said, welcome to being a woman.

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Annoying trends in music

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Chad with obligatory Nagel

Chad’s DJing at the Churchward [Pop Inn] tonight, 9:30-2.
He is not annoying!

I don’t know if you guys have heard Major Lazer or not [it is Diplo, who did that M.I.A. mash-up album back in two thousand ought something, and a bunch of people a la that album Brand New Heavies did, with a tropical/electro/club bent. Fun stuff, though I liked the N.A.S.A. album earlier this year way more.], there is this one song called Baby that samples a baby’s cry and autotunes it and it is kind of funny for a moment but about halfway through I feel like I’m going to start lactating and I am wondering why anyone would do this because it is really upsetting.
Play it here.
[though the guy on it, Prince Zimboo, who is totally that Eddie Murphy vampire skit [incidentally, there is a karaoke regular who sings like that. all kinds of songs.] has the most awesome song about I don’t even know what, “Say Heh”, play that.]

And there is this one song that sounds like a warped old tape where the sound fades in and out.
Play this one, too.

Chad says he has also heard several songs lately that sample that loud BLAT the car radio makes when my cell phone is too near.

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I light my torch and wave it for the New Moon at Midnite…

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I light my torch and wave it for the New Moon at Midnite…

Chad’s DJing at Pop Inn [Churchward] Thursday. He was there last Friday and delighted that he got to play a wide range of stuff he likes [all of which he stole from me!] and doesn’t usually get to play and the crowd was receptive.

So there will be dancing, then we’re walking down the block to the Alameda Theatre* for their own midnight show of TWILIGHT: THE MUSICAL RETURNS.** There might be partaking of food before any of that. Anyone else? You can buy tickets here [the 12:05 a.m. show].

* The 51 drops you right in between the bar and the theater.

** If you’re super into this, I apologize in advance for LMAO. Also, bring earplugs. We were surrounded by hordes of zombie-like teenie screamers last time.

I light my torch and wave it for the New Moon at Midnite...

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