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Posted by on Mar 14, 2010 in photo | 2 comments

I bought myself a bunch of ranunculus the other day at the farmer’s market. They’re in the dining room so I see them about 80 times a day as I walk back and forth through the house, which makes me very happy.

Ranunculus #2

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Art + design at the Alameda Antiques Fair, March 2010

Posted by on Mar 11, 2010 in Alameda, photo | 2 comments

Horsies!Slavegirl from Cracked #2

Cave-men and Sambo

Rad!Will fight for Tarrytons

Loescher ladyAirbrush girl

Penthouse & Playboy

Ice Cream: It's Good for You!Sad clown

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Alameda Antiques Fair, March 2010

Posted by on Mar 10, 2010 in Alameda, photo | 1 comment

We went to the Alameda Antiques Fair on Sunday [following the afore-mentioned encounter with a delicious almond croissant]. It was brilliant out and we saw many wondrous things, including:

Rue du Canal

Le Pois botanical educational print

Letters, white and green

Letters, white

Dress #2, shoulder

The one I am kicking myself for not buying

Stag lady

Bakelite baubles

I am still beating myself for not buying that perpetual calendar. I can’t remember the last time I felt this much non-buyer’s remorse.


There were several other people there, taking photos, too:
Printer & Piemaker: Full Speed Ahead and Notes from the Point, March 2010
Poppytalk: This Week from Lisa Congdon: Collector’s View
heart on my sleeve: Alameda Flea Market

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recipe share

Posted by on Feb 26, 2010 in recipe | 2 comments

what are you making today?

two dinners I made this week, that both turned out really, really well:

1. pasta

while boiling trottole [which is this crazy top-shaped pasta they had at Safeway, photo, i am SO going to make some mac & cheese with it]:
halve and brown sausages [check kind with Chad, they were TJs chicken with fennel & red peppers & ?] then cut into chunks.
sauté 1/2 c. diced shallot or onion
add jar of TJs red pepper & artichoke tapenade and sausage & simmer
serve over pasta with grated parmesan.

veggie version: skip the sausage, and parm if you’re more like that.

2. pork tenderloin

butterfly pork tenderloin
sauté diced shallot
mix in bowl with olive oil, cumin, turmeric, coarse salt.
spread on butterflied tenderloin, roll up, wrap with bacon and secure with toothpicks
place in pan with carrots [chopped into chunks] and mushrooms [small, whole] on each side
put slice of bacon across top of veg to keep them moist.
bake at 450° ~45 min til interior temp is 160°.
served with a baked potato though a baguette would have been preferable.

February 24: Pork tenderloin


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Come for tea?

Posted by on Feb 25, 2010 in our new home, photo | 0 comments

In the garden right now, we have lots crazy-blooming rosemary, a bowl of unidentified bulbs that are flowering one by one [current guest star? HYACINTH!], and some Iceland poppies over at City Hall.

February 17: Rosemary in crazy bloom

Hyacinth in the bowl of surprise bulbs

February 20: Iceland poppies

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Think pink

Posted by on Feb 8, 2010 in garden, photo | 1 comment

1. I picked up this vintage pink number at an estate sale last year. Left it hanging off a table at the farmer’s market a couple weeks ago. Went back last week, they remembered seeing it but didn’t know where it had gotten to. They searched the farm, found it, and remembered to bring it for me this week. Now it is raining and we are so happy together.

February 4: I can't see me loving nobody but you

Vera says hi!

You're in my heart...



Pinky Tuscaharlow

Just let it.

2. aloe in our garden
3. favorite pink heart plate and last season’s strawberries
4. at the Alameda Antiques Fair. we thought about going today but didn’t. GEAUX SAINTS!
5. pink pal found on the base
6. me at the first Maker Faire
7. my pretty pink parasol at a street fair in Oakland

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New glasses!

Posted by on Feb 2, 2010 in gwen, photo | 4 comments

February 1: Self, photoshopped #3Self, photoshopped #4

I’ve been wearing contacts for ages. When I’m not wearing them and want to see [which isn’t as often as you might think, my eyesight isn’t too bad on its own], I use the c. 1999 dotcom black pair. Someone mentioned the $8 glasses at Zenni Optical and after my last checkup, I decided to order a pair for utilitarian purposes. They were $19.95 or $23.95 or something and under $30 with shipping and took a week or two to get here. It was a good excuse to fool around with some photoshop filters anyway and I might choose a new icon. Maybe. I don’t know if I’m ready to go back to glasses-Gwen on the Internet. But I do look pretty smart, huh. [Do NOT zoom in unless you want to be thoroughly grossed out by my flaky, crepey dry skin. Stupid winter.]

Self, photoshopped #1

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January 30: flickr meetup on the coast

Posted by on Feb 1, 2010 in photo, travel | 1 comment

Saturday we went to a meetup of the San Francisco Bay Area flickr group down in Davenport, which is a tiny town a bit north of Santa Cruz. We got there an hour late but found them easily because there aren’t a whole lot of places a group twice the size of the town’s population can hide.

I didn’t take many photos, which is okay, I was really just there for the ocean. I could happily spend the rest of my life on California’s coast [incidentally, this best guidebook EVER]. It was 70° out when we left Oakland and about that when we got to the coast, I had on a 3/4 vintage jacket on that I had to take off because I was sweating.

We stood on top of a bluff like video stars, then spent awhile looking down a crumbling cliff at an inaccessible beach. We tightrope walked on the railroad, stopped by a lighthouse [where they have a hostel with private rooms, highly recommended!], then watched sunset at the tafoni tidepools at Pebble Beach [there are about 80 Pebble Beaches in California, this one is near Pescadero; the one you’re probably familiar is an hour or so south in Carmel]. So of course I have a sunset photo for you. Because you cannot get enough.

Sunset #4

Chad took tons of photos [though he’ll probably never go through them or post them, so you will just have to imagine]. I took a couple of him, this is him shooting and the dress I am wearing, which belongs to my friend Jen. It is the Target Rodarte mustard crepe and mesh dress, and I do not intend to return it because it is so, so, so cute.

Me in Jen's dress, Chad shooting

I also finally got a shot of the scarflet I made Chad for Christmas. I used a rugged thick slate wool, it is very manly! and a grey vintage German glass button that has some geometric trangulations on it, and I think the whole thing looks a little TNG, which is perfect because my boyfriend is the world’s biggest little Star Trek fan.

January 30: Chad and the scarflet I made him for Christmas

Here’s one of Chad’s photos [I went through and pulled out the ones of me, that is all you wanted to see anyway, right]. It is also of the sunset, and me. The temperature dropped like a rock in tandem with the sun, so most of the dress is covered by my half-dozen layers so you cannot see its glory but whatever. You can look it up online if you really care. I think it’s a pretty lovely photo.

Pebble Beach sunset by Chad

Bonus cliché shooting each other photos:

Chad, camera


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365: DJ Chad at a Friday night art reception

Posted by on Jan 31, 2010 in photo | 0 comments

January 29: DJ Chad

Friday: Chad DJing at an art opening at He played a bunch of world/electro stuff and attracted quite a bit of attention from some older ladies. One of them slipped him her card at the end of the night. He said she made him feel uncomfortable. I said, welcome to being a woman.

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365: More sunsets!

Posted by on Jan 30, 2010 in Alameda, photo | 1 comment

So here’s the deal. I am trying to do the 365 photos but it has been 100% cold and 90% gloomy the past couple weeks and it is about all I can do to drag myself outside for a walk at sunset, which is about the only time you can get any light, when the sun drops below the clouds for a few minutes before disappearing behind another bank of them. I am almost thinking about doing 365 sunsets but that is probably far more than I commit to.

I figured I would take this opportunity to tell you more about where I live.

January 28: Another day, another sunset

There are two places I usually do on my walks, one is I turn right at the end of my front walk and head over to the Bay Trail [which is a decades-long project to create a designated walking path around the entire bay, I remember my dad being excited about it and talking about one day, one day, when I was a kid] path that takes me down to Crab Cove, where there is a small beach, then a long beach, and a duck pond, and also a Foster’s Freeze [ice cream and fried food with c. 1970 orange-toned booths. The fries and malts are tops.]. The small beach is my favorite place, if you go at mid-day even on nice days there is a good chance you will have it to yourself.

It’s a bird refuge, too, so there are usually zillions of waders and diggers etc. this time of year. I keep forgetting to bring my zoom so you can’t see them too well in any of my photos.

Bay view window #85

The other one is turning left at the end of my walk then going up 3rd Street onto the artificial point that leads out along a marina. The northern side of this point is undeveloped and there’s a small path you can walk along. There’s a nice view of San Francisco [we’re directly across the bay] and the big ships that dock for repairs on the retired naval base. There are also several tiny beaches but I have been scared to explore them since Chad pointed out the giant cockroaches scurrying around on the rocks.

San Francisco and the Hornet

That long black thing is a breakwall, it’s lined with old falling-apart cyclone fence, there are usually a couple people out on it fishing. I walk over there sometimes, too, and don’t know why I don’t more often.

Also, note the giant bank of fog. That is when I laugh at the people who live in The City, because over here we get 15 minutes of sun while they are running around in the middle of an ugly cloud.

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365: Sunset!

Posted by on Jan 28, 2010 in Alameda, photo | 2 comments

I think it’s been awhile since I posted a sunset. Clichés be damned. It was a nice one.

January 27: sunset!

more of my sunsets

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January 22: Button scores from the estate sale

Posted by on Jan 23, 2010 in photo | 2 comments

January 22: Button scores from the estate sale

Today’s was the home of a recently deceased anal retentive doll hoarder. She had the most magnificently organized collection of — anything you can imagine that might be even remotely related to doll crafting. Jessica scored a really awesome vintage wood storage thingy with drawers and untold spools of thread in every color of the rainbow. I am so jealous. But I am quite pleased with my Button Bucket.

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