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Here it comes

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Here it comes

The sky just went black and the thunder’s shaking the house non-stop. Glad I didn’t stick around at the café because that would’ve been one wretched walk home.

eta: just as I was posting this, the sky opened up and we’re being slammed by all kinds of hail and a deluge. We were standing in the doorway watching and shrieking and saw a bolt of lightning hit the middle of the street 50 feet from us. Scary stuff for us temperately-climated Bay Areams.

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I like the time I spend with yougirl

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Meme kind of via loolica though not exactly the same.

2009 top 25 most played
[songs that were added in 2009, I cannot figure out how to show how many plays all songs had only in 2009. and I don’t think it counts my ipod plays, because the numbers on my profile [friend me!] are different.]

22 of the 25 here: 2009 most played mix

1 Family Reunion (feat. David Banner) — Kid Sister (19)
early summer. it’s on a summer mix I never finished.
2 Maybe So, Maybe No — Mayer Hawthorne (19)
total summer song, we listened to this on our trip to Portland
3 Now I’m A Fool — Eagles of Death Metal (18)
Glen played this one when he visited
4 Lisztomania (Classixx Version) — Phoenix (18)
now on a million commercials and shows. reminds me most of late 80s, makes me very sentimental
5 What’s On Your Mind — Eric B & Rakim (17)
Chad discovered this song this year and made me play it over and over
6 Feather — Little Dragon (16)
the one with that whirly kid-toy-noise-making-tube-you-swing-around thing
7 Make You Mine — Miami Horror (16)
8 Anotha (BBQ) — People Under The Stairs (16)
I don’t know why this doesn’t have the same number of plays as Family Reunion, they always got played together
9 1901 (Customised by DLID) — Phoenix (16)
car commercial. also makes me sad.
10 Shoes — Tiga (16)
awesome electro. I love walking like this. Click-click-click-click.
11 Far Away (Hercules and Love Affair Remix) — Cut Copy (15)
favorite band, remix by another favorite
12 The More That I Do (Foals Remix) — The Field (15)
this is one of the songs I don’t know by name or band but know backwards and forwards anyway. Excellent for gym warm-up.
13 Together (Album Version) — The Intruders (15)
The original of 8th-grade slow-dance song that I didn’t know existed.
14 Promise (siik remix) — Ciara (14)
This was on a keep it real radio mix. you. you.
15 Sunshower — Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band (14)
I think this was on that same mix, and another song I didn’t know existed [it’s the one sampled by M.I.A.]
16 Skeleton Boy (Air France Remix) — Friendly Fires (14)
I heard the original of this and didn’t recognize it at all. has one of my favorite traditional sing-along bits [ba-ba-ba-ba etc. this is planet earth]. [play it here]
17 Get Fresh — Kid Sister (14)
I bust out to this when no-one’s home. I am not 14. [play it here]
18 Ya Mama (Remix) — The Pharcyde (14)
omg. I have been singing ya mama like this since time immemorial then I heard this remix they did just like I’d made up. crazy.
19 Stand In A Line — Rubies (14)
I have almost no opinion about this song. It must be on a playlist I listened to a lot.
20 I’ll Get You feat. Jeppe (Royal Rumble Edit) — Classixx (13)
omg I love this song. LOVE. total me & Chad song.
21 Paris (ft. Au Revoir Simone) (Aeroplane Remix) — Friendly Fires (13)
also me & Chad. even though Paul found it. also liked Air France a lot for remixes this year. [play some here]
22 I Will Come Back (Classixx Acapulco Nights Version) — Holy Ghost! (13)
very 80s. sad.
23 Te vas a enterar — Klaus & Kinski (13)
great album. goes well with last year’s Allá
24 Shooting Stars — Bag Raiders (12)
this is probably on a bunch of commercials.
25 Deli — Delorean (12)
Spanish electro band we were listening to so long ago that I forgot they existed and they finally put out a new album and now they are all over the place.

Most listened songs 2003-2009
1 Signs (feat. Charlie Wilson & Justin Timberlake) — Snoop Dogg (83)
2 Baby Love — Regina (54)
3 Jimmy & Jenny — Timbaland (54)
4 Ooh Wee Ooh — Photobooth (53)
5 I Want Cris Edwards — Andrew (49)
6 Our Day Will Come — Ruby and the Romantics (49)
7 When You Come Crawling Back — The Swills (48)
8 Tomorrow — Mark Ronson (47)
9 I Get Around — 2Pac (47)
10 Everyday — Lucy Pearl (46)
11 Ice Cream and Cake — Buckwheat Boyz (45)
12 Me & Mr Jones — Amy Winehouse (44)
13 Nuff Teef — Psyche Origami (44)
14 One to Grow On — UMC’s (42)
15 Jealous Guy — Donny Hathaway (40)
16 Bubble Pop Electric featuring Johnny Vulture — Gwen Stefani (40)
17 Say Somethin’ (Feat. Snoop Dogg) — Mariah Carey (40)
18 The Mayor Of Simpleton — XTC (40)
19 Bad Babysitter (feat. High & Mighty) — Princess Superstar (39)
20 Q.T. Pie — The Wild Boyz (39)
21 Baby Workout — Jackie Wilson (38)
22 She’s Not Just Another Woman — The 8th Day (38)
23 Desperado (Canción del Mariachi) — Calexico (37)
24 Good Life (Ft. T-Pain) — Kanye West (37)
25 The Lovers’ Rights — The Rosebuds (37)

I have 6070 songs with no play count. Though I am looking and positive I have listened to them. Probably due to the play count resent debacle in 2003. iTunes is so funky sometimes. I know I listened to that Young-Holt album numerous times last year yet 0 all around.

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Port-au-Prince in Haiti was hit with a 7.0 earthquake today. They don’t know how many are dead or injured yet, many emergency services have been destroyed [a hospital collapsed, among other things]. The Red Cross has set up a donation page here if you’d like to help.

This is the National Palace, before and after:

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Date Day: Half Moon Bay [again]

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December 19: Subject

We went to see our friend George and his friend Lisa play in Half Moon Bay yesterday, sat and crafted and enjoyed the music and ate, then walked down Main Street [it’s a total little tourist town over on the coast, everything is kind of unnecessary and charming]. THEN we went to this artist enclave where Lisa’s dad rents a space to write in, it is this crazy set of wooden buildings the one guy started 40 years ago right on the shore, I have some photos that I will get around to. Really cool though. I daydream about the kind of life where people are always inviting me places like that. Oh, there are some photos here [the Miramar beach entries].

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Cafe au lait, $1.82, Cafe du Mond

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Cafe au lait, $1.82, Cafe du Mond

Here’s one more folder of photos from our trip to New Orleans in March done, fourteen more to go. I might just finish by New Year’s.

This was our last full day in town, we did all kinds of things that I will get to the photos for soon! really!, the first of which was a stop at Cafe du Mond. [Come to think of it, stopping at Cafe du Mond was about the last thing we did that day, too. Stick out that video, it’s funny.]

I wish we had one here, not being able to get beignets and coffee at 3 a.m. is seriously, negatively affecting my quality of life.

And the only thing you can get for $1.82 any time of day here is a taco. Which is not a bad deal, but I need more coffee than tacos.

» All them New Orleans photos so far are here.

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Annoying trends in music

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Chad with obligatory Nagel

Chad’s DJing at the Churchward [Pop Inn] tonight, 9:30-2.
He is not annoying!

I don’t know if you guys have heard Major Lazer or not [it is Diplo, who did that M.I.A. mash-up album back in two thousand ought something, and a bunch of people a la that album Brand New Heavies did, with a tropical/electro/club bent. Fun stuff, though I liked the N.A.S.A. album earlier this year way more.], there is this one song called Baby that samples a baby’s cry and autotunes it and it is kind of funny for a moment but about halfway through I feel like I’m going to start lactating and I am wondering why anyone would do this because it is really upsetting.
Play it here.
[though the guy on it, Prince Zimboo, who is totally that Eddie Murphy vampire skit [incidentally, there is a karaoke regular who sings like that. all kinds of songs.] has the most awesome song about I don’t even know what, “Say Heh”, play that.]

And there is this one song that sounds like a warped old tape where the sound fades in and out.
Play this one, too.

Chad says he has also heard several songs lately that sample that loud BLAT the car radio makes when my cell phone is too near.

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New Orleans, Wednesday

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I’ve been doing more New Orleans photos. According to my widget, it is 227 days since we came back.

Barq's and cup #2

This was the 25th. Two days before we left. I went for a photo walk with Gary. We drove out to St. Bernard Parish for these ridiculous po-boys [and Neapolitan cheesecake SAY WHAT!] while Chad and D went to the aquarium. A storm was coming in and blowing the signs sideways. There’s a really long stretch of the St. Bernard Highway where most everything is abandoned, malls with grass growing in the parking lot and marquees touting something that never happened from years ago. While everyone else went to the zoo, I rode up in the glass elevators then took the streetcar up to the end of the line then caught a bus across town ALL BY MYSELF and thrifted a little and sat in a café. Then headed over to meet everyone for sno-balls. We had dinner at the tiki place my sister recommended and it was delicious. Walked around the French Quarter some more. THEN went swing dancing at the rock ‘n’ bowl.

Flavors #2
No better place to be
Canal Street - Cemeteries
Cypress Grove Cemetery
Two po-boys can feed the entire block
The bathrooms
Bathroom, chandelier
Hot dancers #1
Ernie, Antoinette AND MOTHER-IN-LAW K-DOE

That chandelier’s in the bathroom at the rock ‘n’ bowl. That place was so awesome, I would totally hang out there all the time, there’s a bar and bowling and a live band and all kinds of retro goodnesss and people who dance and don’t give a shit about it. People are not like that so much here. The lack of self-consciousness is probably what I liked best about the people there.

Anyway. There are more photos from that day. I just have the 26th and the piddly bits of the 27th before we went to the airport and then I am done. Which means it’s time to go back. I miss it a lot.

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Canal Street – Cemeteries

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I added some more New Orleans photos. Here.

Canal Street - Cemeteries

A ride in the Canal Street streetcar in New Orleans up to the cemeteries.

This was only seven months ago. I am going to finish editing these photos by the end of the year.

I am determined.

This was the day the kids went to the Audubon aquarium and zoo and I went off on my own. I checked out the hotel/mall to see about the glass elevator I’d spotted — it only went up 6 floors or something lame like that and was all smudgy. Then I waited for the Canal Street streetcar, rode it to the end of the line. There is a surprising amount of still-visible damage in parts of the city that are just outside the French Quarter and downtown/office-y looking, rows of broken windows in highrises, that sort of thing.

There are two cemeteries at the end, I didn’t get off there because I had to go meet everyone at the sno-ball place, so I rode back to S. Carrollton, got off there. As I was waiting at the bus stop, the sky opened up and it started pouring. It was my first real warm rain, I briefly experienced one in the 90s on one of those cross-country bus trips but this was the first full downpour I was out in. I still think it’s gross.

An older man and I talked while we waited, he was of the opinion that a lot of people took their FEMA money and squandered it, did not fix up the damage to their homes, bought new cars instead. The bus did not go directly down S. Carrollton, a main street, but veered off into the neighborhood past the I-10. This neighborhood. I’m not sure what all the blue roofs on that map are — giant tarps? So many of the houses we passed were destroyed. I didn’t take any photos, there were only a couple people on the bus and I felt self-conscious enough just trying not to gawk. Most of them got off before we got back on the main road, including the guy I’d been talking to.

I rode on to Oak Street in Uptown, which is some other photos that are in my New Orleans set, stopped in at some awesome thrift stores, sat in a café alone for awhile, then walked over met the kids for sno-balls [yet more photos].

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Tuesday reading

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From the Weekly Review:

The annual New Zealand “rabbit throw” contest, in which children compete to see how far they can toss dead rabbits, was banned. Parents and teachers in the Guangdong province of China were upset by a new sculpture in a city park of an eight-inch girl with giant 16-foot breasts. “The little girls were scared and cried loudly,” said one kindergarten teacher, “asking me if they would grow those huge things.” Scientists at the Guangdong Entomological Institute discovered that the female short-nosed fruit-bat routinely provides her partner with oral sex during intercourse, making the bat the only adult animal besides humans to engage in such behavior. “We were also surprised at how often it occurred… It was difficult to provide some hypotheses for the function of the fellatio behavior,” said short-nosed-fruit-bat researcher Libiao Zhang. “We held many meetings to discuss the functions.”

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Date Day: Lake Chabot

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Last week’s Date Day was an afternoon at Lake Chabot in the Oakland hills.

We tried to sit on the lawn but it was still saturated from the storm earlier in the week, so we sat at a picnic table.
We went for a walk along the lake but mostly sat on Ruth Rule’s bench, watched people fish, prik-prikked at the coots.

» see more photos in the Date Day: Lake Chabot set

Date Day, Lake Chabot
Ruth Rule's
Fall color
More leaves
Spawning area
Lake Chabot Bicycle Loop

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Date day at the pumpkin patch

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I finished sorting through the photos from our date day at the pumpkin farm. Here are some of my favorites:

I love the handmade signs along Highway 1 advertising this farm or that.


Arata’s Farm has been in the pumpkin business since 1932. They have a really big hay labyrinth and you can wander around the grounds admiring all the corn and pumpkins. It’s very picturesque.

Pastoral pumpkins

I don’t know what these pumpkins are called. They make me think of Cinderella’s carriage, and the color changes from grey to blue to green as you move around. The owner told us they are the best for making pumpkin pie — they’re orange inside. I picked one out to bring home but haven’t cut it open yet.

Princess pumpkins? Fairytale pumpkins? Something like that

This is mine. Is it not the best pumpkin ever?

My pumpkin

Pumpkins come in all sizes!

Lil Whitey

Do people still call this Indian corn? Is there a more PC name for it? Native American corn? The colors are amazing. We bought some tiny ones to bring home for the mantle.

Do they still call this Indian Corn?

I came very close to bringing this one home, too. But I only need so many pumpkins.

Note the resemblance

Chad of the Corn!

Chad of the Corn

This made me think of me and Chad. That’s me on the left.

Me and Chad.

» More photos from Date Day: Half Moon Bay / Arata’s Pumpkin Farm

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Date day: Pumpkins!

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We went on our quasi-weekly date yesterday. It was supposed to be very cold [mid-60s!] but ended up warmer, we went to Half Moon Bay, which is across the bay and over the hills of the San Francisco Peninsula.

Half Moon Bay is the local pumpkin capital, this weekend is the annual Pumpkin Festival. I haven’t actually been to that one, it’s enough of a nightmare driving down that one little road that goes over there on a normal weekend without adding in tens of thousands of families who want to see record-breakingly large pumpkins.

It is perfectly fine going over there on a Thursday in early October. There are enough people doing the same that the numerous pumpkin patches and all the corn mazes are open but you are not spending an hour in traffic to go three miles.

Once in Half Moon Bay, we stopped at my favorite bakery for a carrot cake mini-bundt then headed further south to Arata’s Pumpkin Farm where we wandered around the corn fields and admired pumpkins and took photos. I picked out a Cinderella-style flattish green-blueish pumpkin and Chad got some mini-gourds and Indian corn. The owner told us we can put it in a bag when we’re done and stick it in the microwave and it’ll pop.

Follow the orange gourd road...

Next stop was Pescadero for the Arcangeli market’s amazing artichoke garlic bread [note to self for next time: buy a couple of the par-baked loaves to bring home because HOLY CHEESE, THAT IS SOME GOOD BREAD] and a little salami, then we popped over to Harley Farms to gorge ourselves on samples and buy some goat cheese to go with the bread. It was the end of the day for them and we were the only ones there, the owner and another woman were happily chatting in the back the whole time we were snacking then popped out exactly when we were ready to go.

I wanted to go sit in the cemetery but Chad has a thing about that so instead we continued driving down that little road that goes the other way from the highway, thinking we’d find a little place to sit down, but it quickly turned into shoulderless hillside and we drove all the way over to San Gregorio and the beach was right there, so that’s where we ate.

Then we sat admiring the ocean, which was that perfect silvery-blue with the sunlight reflecting a huge swath of gold down the middle, until Chad had to head back for his tennis class.

Pacific Ocean oasis thingy that looks like a distant shiny city

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