by gwen harlow

pink! [belated for Monday]

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Summer Colour Week on poppytalk

Pink at Lily's in Cambria

Tea tree #1

Pink flower’s at Lily’s Café in Cambria, California. There is a whole little row of very cute shops there.

Tea tree lives down the street. they’re Australian natives but do wonderfully here in the Bay Area. So do the eucalyptus.


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  1. photography free 4 all

    I love these photos. Beautiful and a great focal point in the second shot! A single flower in focus with each of the following blooms a bit more blurred. Great!

  2. andrea

    oooh, so good. so good, this pink.

  3. Valerie

    I LOVE your pinks !!!
    is the second one taken with a 50 mm ?

  4. gwen

    thank you, yes :]
    I use an old Canon 20D DSLR, mostly with a 1.4 50mm lens.

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