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Posted by on Mar 3, 2010 in craft, photo | 6 comments

I finally got around to taking some photos and listing some new stuff in my etsy shop. Everything’s all about spring now, even though no one told our weather ;]

The Birds and the Leaves bird's nest necklace

Wild Hearts necklace

The Birds and the Leaves earrings

my creative space this week


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  1. venus

    Beautiful! I love the earrings. Great photos!

  2. gwen

    thank you, I think I’m getting better at this product photography stuff.

  3. Kirsty

    We’re just coming into autumn but it’s pretty warm today.

    Your pieces are lovely.

  4. gwen

    thank you :]

    we are supposed to be coming into spring but it’s been very cold this winter here so the bunnies are all still hibernating ;]

  5. alexandria

    Gwen these are stunning! You’ve got such a talent for this.

  6. gwen

    thank you so much, I appreciate the compliment from someone with such great aesthetics :]

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