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January 14: Once was Tillie’s

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January 14: Once was Tillie's

Had some good times here. Tillie’s was one of those diners where you could get the skillet breakfast in a big flippin’ skillet; they had a stack of them in the kitchen. Faded peach booths, strawberry waffles with a mountain of whipped cream. Weird v-shaped counter and the one round booth that fit 5 or 6. They were open on Christmas. I am pretty sure they used to be open 24 hours, I remember coming here very late back when we went clubbing a lot. That old orange sign they replaced a couple years ago. Big volcano of mashed potatoes sitting in a pool of gravy. The bus doesn’t even stop there anymore, it goes around the corner. Thanks, Tillie’s, and good night.

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  1. alexandria

    Seems like there’s already been so much change this year. I like reading about your memories of this place…and I hope you find a new great place as well! It’s always so enjoyable to read your posts. Beautiful good stuff.

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